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Welcome to Belovedgems, a blog about building a bridge between faith and mental health. The author rooted in her faith , her old-soul leads her into adventures to seek spreading hope into the world through a couple of written words.

P.S. Take Care

Life, some times can feel like a mess.  Being a student, professional, full time mom or a combination of all these might might be difficult to balance life.

When I began school, I was still working full time.  It was very overwhelming to keep up with my self care. Priorities shifted from taking care of everything but myself.  I gained excessive amounts of weight, Ive never been this heavy in my life.  My body was also adjusting to new sleeping patterns and didn't recognize the red alerts my body was signaling to me (insomia, fatigue etc.).   There had been days that I have not kept my quiet time with the Lord, because I’ve came home emotionally drained.  I work in the mental health field, I utilized my brain and processing skills all day.  Therefore, lately nap time had been my favorite time of the day.  Sadly enough it had become a priority over opening up my bible or self-care (running, mediation, etc.).

I can’t stress enough the importance of self-care in our lives.  Self-care is when we intentionally make time to take care a part of our lives: physical, emotional or intellectually.  Often it is necessary to take care of all these areas.  Self-care is challenging for most people, especially for those who are use to a non-stop busy life.  However, it is essential to have a high quality life style too.   

Physical: self-care consist of eating three nutritious meals, or 5 including snacks.  It might be difficult for some to sit and eat three healthy meals.  However, if we don't become aware of our food intake, quality and proportion, if we are eating out of comfort, the long term effects can be unreversable (daibetes etc. ).  I eat out of comfort, yet I do not feel better after I finish that cheese burger.  I have to learn to read the precursors prior to eating out of comfort (stress level, hormones etc).

Exercise:  Exercise is awesome.  It increases your endorphins, but getting to the trail or gym is challenging.   It is about finding an activity that you enjoy and engage in it about 30 minutes per day.  After a while you will notice your energy level through out the ay increasing and sleeping better.

Emotional: Is different for everyone.  It can either be writing in a journal, quiet time, meditation, prayer, and making sure you have a good support system (people who you trust and trust you) in your life.  Keeping them on speed dial when you need to vent.  Keeping a date with yourself when you need to recharge alone (for those introverts like me) or friend dates (for those extroverts who need to recharge by being around others).  Our emotional health is crucial for our lasting relationships and health care.

Sleep:  Having good 7-8 hour sleep per night can change your mood, appetite and energy level.  Many people claim they only need 4 hours of sleep, however they are studies that prove that a good 7-8 hour sleep increases your vitality, and life span.  It also improves your mood through out the day.

So, you might feel like I have shared something you already know.  Perhaps, I have which is why I don’t go into too much detail.  Just remember that self-care is making INTENTIONAL effort to take care of yourself.  If this means to make a date with yourself to go for coffee and read your favorite book, do it!

There is no need for you to feel guilty for having some “Me time”.  You can schedule something to do during lunch time, wake up a little earlier for a morning walk or delegate some chores at home to free some time up.

I can see the benefits of self-care in my life about two weeks after being consistent.  When I begin to run in the mornings, not only do I loose weight, but my energy increases throughout my day.  It is a challenge, I have to convince myself to get out of that comfy bed.   When I go for a cup of coffee and engage in some reading time, my mood improves and I become more productive at work.  When I begin to eat healthy, not only do I loose weight (my favorite outcome of self-care) but there are no tummy aches or bloating.  I realized that my life does not only need to be a hot mess, but I can turn into a beautiful mess with some self-care. 

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