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#SimplyDisconnect RECAP

I joined the #SimplyDisconnect challenge a couple weeks ago with Olivia from Simply Liv and we set up some goals for this challenge (read more here).  

The first week was a challenge with my attempts of changing old habits.  My goal was:
  • No social media or Netflix 1 hr before bed. Use this time to read. (This one is going to the toughest one!)
  • No social media right when I wake up.
In order for me to be able to accomplish this goal it was necessary to delete my most distracting social media apps from my phone.  I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone.  These were the apps I reached out to first thing in the morning.  I no longer engage in social media before bed time, but I still watch Netflix. #Fail.  

The next couple of goals were the most interesting ones because people who were with me also joined me:
  • Remind myself I do not need to respond to comments or texts right away if it is not an emergency. 
  • No phone during lunch, dinner or coffee chats.
I was able to identify what a crisis or emergency is in order to regain peace about replying back immediately to texts.  This helped me leave my phone in other rooms where I was not present and be present with those who I was with.  During table time (lunch, dinner or coffee) since I did not have my phone out it made others uncomfortable when they were on their phones.  This was a valuable lesson learned.  Since I initiated on being "present" for them, they reciprocated.  Many times it begins with us taking the first step.  How many times do we go out to eat and are unaware of our surroundings.  First of all this is a good thing for safety, we should always be aware of who and what are around us.  Second of all we should be aware of those who take time to spend time with us.  They deserve our un-divided attention because we love them.

My aunt shared with me recently that she went out to dinner with her family.  When everyone sat down, they all grabbed their phones.  She was so hurt she decided to leave the restaurant to prove a point. She sure made her point across because now they hesitate to take their phone out during dinner. 

During this thirty day challenge I was two weeks in Mexico with family.  I observe how different my cousins are in regards to social media.  Since data is so expensive down there, they only have access to internet connection when they are home connected to WiFi.  I didn't have phone connection either so I also only can engage in social media when connected to WiFi.  I actually really enjoyed this.  

When my cousins and I rode our dirt bikes to the beach we still had fun taking pictures but neither of us took a whole lot of time editing pictures to post immediately.  We continue enjoying our time together.  I really liked this "freedom" I felt from disconnecting while I was down there.  Our house in Mexico has no WiFi so at night time there was no Netflix. There was though an old fashion book, I read every night.  We would also stay up late talking to mom remembering our uncle who recently passed away.  She made us laugh so much and other times we shed tears together.  We would have not had this time as a family together if we were connected on our phones.  Really who would have thought that the lack of internet connect-ability can become a blessing.

I still connected to the internet.  But when I did it was very intentional.  I had to plan out the time I was going to be online and be productive while I was connected.  Why?  Connecting didn't come as easy as it does when I am home.

I recommend that if you haven't done a social media challenge you should.  If you aren't able to due to work or other obligations, then literally take a weekend where there is no internet connection.  Spend time with your love ones now and be present for them.  Our time here on earth is limited and it shouldn't be taken for granted.
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