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When I decided to rekindle my relationship with Christ the concept of GRACE was foreign to me.  Not only did it take time for me to accept the grace that was being offered to me, it also took me time to learn how to give grace to others.

Since this month we have been speaking on GLOW, being light among darkness.  I figured it would be convenient to speak on this topic.  Being the light of the world (Matt 5:14).  How do we do this with those we feel most uncomfortable with?  

I am ninety-nine percent sure that we are not able to be light in the world without offering GRACE to others.  After all, when Jesus was walking on earth He did not hang out people who others expected a messiah to hang out with.  He was clearly here walking on earth for the lost and did not care what others had to say about that (Matt 11:19).

I ask again, how can I love someone who doesn’t follow my same beliefs, values, morals, politics, opinions etc.?  Are we allowed to connect with people who do not follow the same faith as we do? 

I sure hope these questions or similar to these are pondering in your head at this moment…

Because I believe that people are the mission regardless of where they are in their life.  It does not matter if they are in a different place in their life than you.  We are still called to love everyone regardless of what they look like, smell like, sleep with, the color they are, what they eat, etc.  We are called to love everyone with grace and truth.  

It is not a competition how mamt followers or friends.  It is about who are offering grace to.  Because we will not be asked how many people were saved by us when we face the father.  It is all about GRACE and God’s kingdom.  In this case, God's kingdom means the present.  What we are doing for His kingdom here on earth.  

It is about how are showing GRACE towards others without sacrificing Christ.  Being light by connecting with those who are different from us, still showing them love, and not sacrificing our devotion to Christ.  Only love drives out fear (Martin Luther King Jr.) and that is a powerful truth.  We can still love others with still be speaking the TRUTH.

Pastor Caleb (author of Messy Grace) calls us to get MESSY.   I love that analogy, MESSY GRACE. Because someone at some point in our life decided to get dirty and messy by entering into our lives and speaking to us about CHRIST!  Now it is our turn as we do the same with others.  This must be done without any judgment on how they dress, how they speak or what they look like.  

Being nonjudgmental is difficult.  Christians are known to judge other's lifestyle.  Be the one that stands out and shines by accepting those different from you with the grace fo God. Prove them wrong by connecting and building relationships with those who are difficult to love.  

Hey, the kingdom of God is in a state of emergency and we are the soldiers who are called to save them through Christ.  Read the gospel and you will see how Jesus’ mission was all about pursuing those who others would not.  He healed the lepers; he healed the sick.   One of His closest friends was a tax collector and one of his most loyal followers was a prostitute.  Pursue others like God once pursued you.  This is difficult, yes.  But not impossible.  He was able to connect with these people with love and truth.  

I have some friends who I am determined not to let go.  I do not care if they are homosexuals or what they do in their free time. I am determined to continue pursuing them with GRACE.  Most of the time I am also praying God continues to break down my pride because I know that with pride in the way, I won’t be able to offer GRACE.

GRACE is about looking the other way when they forgot your birthday, when they forgot to invite you out or walking up to that awkward kid in class no one talks to.  Friends that is not GRACE.  I challenge you to offer GRACE and begin connecting with others.  

Know their past, know what hurts them, know what they care about, and know their passions.  Because this is how God pursues us.  God never gives up pursuing us and He is there every day of our lives.  

People are the mission regardless of who we are talking about; God is for everyone!  

I love Pastor Caleb’s suggestion of having a touching impact on others.  He suggest, to hug someone today, tomorrow or every day.  Connect with someone who does not know Christ by buying them Starbucks coffee in a red cup (hehe).  Most important touch someone with kindness, and compassion.  Offer your friendship.  Do not just go after those who you feel comfortable, go after the forgotten.  

Hey, remember we are in a state of an emergency in the kingdom of God and our generation is the generation that least pursues GOD!  Get out of your comfort zone.  We can love those who are different from us by offering GRACE.

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