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Welcome to Belovedgems, a blog about building a bridge between faith and mental health. The author rooted in her faith , her old-soul leads her into adventures to seek spreading hope into the world through a couple of written words.

So, you don't know what you want?

So, you don't know what you want?  You haven't found your "calling"?  You think God has not called you to a ministry?  You haven't found your purpose in the kingdom of God?

Many people believe that a "calling" is only found within the church.  But we forget that the church is not just a building.  We are the church.  Your ministry does not necessary need to be within a church.  The word ministry means "service" and you can serve others in any area.  When you are trying to figure out what you want think outside the box.  It doesn't have to be with the children's ministry or the worship team.  Your calling doesn't have to be a preacher to serve God.  Your calling can be to bring joy to others by lifting up their self-esteem, offering a new hair style, and making them look good.  Your calling can be to be a school teacher.  A calling, a purpose or whatever people want to call it, is not limited within the church, and it doesn't have to be spiritual.

Finding your calling is not necessary a choice.  It is something God created you to do.  For example, when I go to school to learn more on my career or I help a child out on finding their own potential, I get this feeling: "I was created for this!".  I have literally said that out loud. Why?  Because regardless of how physically tired I might be when I get home, I still feel accomplished, and fill of joy.  I know God created me to help others in a very specific way.

Now you might be asking, how do you find your calling?

Ask yourself a couple questions...

What do you love?  What are you passionate about?  What is your dream job?  What are you good at? What do you look forward to every morning?

When you are answering these questions, do not start with this type of self-talk: "Oh I like to draw but there is no career in that".  Yes there is a couple of careers you can do with the talent of drawing and one of them is called Architecture.  You see where I am getting at? There are no impossibles for our God.  I have a friend who loves chocolate and loves to cook.  She opened up her own Chocolate place (read more here Chokolatta).  She now owns her business, loves what she does, and cooks delicious.  She also serves her community by offering great customer service as a Christian.

What doors is God opening?  What is God blessing?  Is there a particular area in your life where you have noticed that God keeps blessing you with job opportunities, connections or resources?

I remember when I was younger I refused to work with children. I didn't think I would be able to have the patience or even like working with children.  But, God continued opening the doors of employment where I had to work with children.  It turned out that I enjoyed it.  Now I am involved in the children's ministry, I tutor for fun, and I work with children.  I just love being around them.  I believe they are the most valuable gift God has given the world, an innocent child that we can mold and guide to become great in His kingdom.    

What are others saying about you?

Have you noticed that your leader continues to place you in the media ministry?  Is it because you are good with technology?  Have you been placed as a greeter?  It might be because you smile and make others feel comfortable.

Ask friends, family, leaders, pastors, teachers and others what they see in you.  There might be an area that you are good at.  But, because it comes so easy to you, you haven't realized that might be your calling.

What does the world need?  The last question is for God's kingdom.  How does your calling help your generation, your city, or others in general.  How can you contribute to the world?  

Figure out what you want and go get it.  

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