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Who are THEY?

For a while, I was quite confused on who THEY were.  I saw many of the youth on snap chat talking about THEY.  I kept asking myself “Who are THEY?”.

Now, I ask you “Who are THEY?” in your life.  Who are those who are influencing your life the most?  Who are those, them and they in your life?  Who are the people who you call friends?  How are you choosing the THEY in your life?

We should choose the THEY in our life wisely.  God has given us the free will of choosing who the THEY are in our life. He chose us and now you can choose the THEY that influences you the most in your life.  

Unfortunately now in our society, we have diluted the word “Friend”.  We focus on how many followers we have on social media and call them our friends.  Now it is easy to “unfriend” someone on Facebook or add them on snap chat.  We use the word “friend” loosely without realizing therse friends become the THEY in our lives who later will reflect who we are (Proverbs 27:19).

What I want you to focus here is the THEY in your life.  Who are those friends you are choosing?  

For you think about:

What are THEY doing?
Where are THEY going?
What are THEY about?

Because depending on what THEY are doing, you will also be doing.  Depending on the future of THEY in your life, your future can be easily predicted. 

God will always bring the right THEY in our life.  But the enemy will always bring the wrong THEY into your life to prevent us to move towards the will of God. 

King Solomon was a wise man who lived for God.  Even though he was wise, he was a man who loved foreign women and who happen to be the wrong women for him.  These women who he was hanging out with did not love the Lord.  He was not choosing the THEY in his life wisely (1 King 11).  He wasted his forty years and advises us to remember God when we are young.  He kept hanging out with the wrong THEY.

The relationships we choose now will mark the patterns of our future generations.  The THEY in our life now will affect our lives emotionally and spiritually now and later.

Think of Daniel.  He seemed to understand the importance of choosing the right THEY in his life.  His friends were Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 1).  These men were faithful not only to Daniel but also to God.  His friends encouraged him to follow God’s will in his life and fasted with him.  Due to the THEY in Daniel’s life, He became a great man.

Who are the THEY in your life?  

If you hang out with the wrong THEY, you will continue to compare yourself with them, and this can affect your self-esteem.  If you continue to follow the wrong THEY in your life or social media, this can emotionally break you.  

However, if you hang out with right THEY like Daniel.  These THEY will always point you back to God.  

Are the THEY in your life showing the right way (Jesus), encouraging you, celebrating you, supporting you (Proverbs 17:17) and do THEY hold you accountability with love?

Who are the THEY in your life?

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