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Welcome to Belovedgems, a blog about building a bridge between faith and mental health. The author rooted in her faith , her old-soul leads her into adventures to seek spreading hope into the world through a couple of written words.

Operating in the Spirit of Jesus

I don't want just to marry a man; I want to marry a gentlemen. I'm not just saying someone who holds the door. I like old fashioned etiquette and courtesy and politeness. I think there is something good about that. But I am talking about is a quality that is beyond that. It is the fruit of the Spirit. It is a gentleness that reflects our omnipotent God, yet gentle and so loving and so caring and so patient.

Jesus is such a challenging personality to capture in any form or fashion. I have written a few blogs, and in some of those blogs, I have tried to portray the different Jesus dimensions of Jesus' personality, but sometimes I feel like it falls so far short because it is impossible. Then there are the movies. There are some wonderful filmmakers and producers who try their best, like authors who try their best, but it is so hard to capture. I think because of the duality of Him being fully God and fully man. He is one person in one category all by Himself. There is no one else like Him.

I think one of my favorite scenes is Jesus walking into the temple and there is a little bit of fire in his eyes because they had turned the house of prayer into a den of thieves, and Jesus throws a little temple tantrum! (see what I did there) He turns the tables upside down and then drives out the thieves. I think my favorite part of the story is that He drove them out with a whip, a whip that He made!

So let's not ignore this wild side, this is an important characteristic. I'm not talking about weak and timid. I'm talking about strong and gentle. This incredible combination that you see in the person of Jesus. 

Have you ever noticed the way Jesus treated woman? Even women that were outcasts and women that were in certain occupations that men would prey on and seen as more of a product. But the way Jesus would treat them with such dignity and respect and honor, the way He was so loving and gentle. I'm sure there were moments that the Pharisees were intimidated. It was when Jesus showed power in moments like those, and Jesus knew to discern when it was the right time. My favorite is when all kinds of people would come and bring little children, it amazes how children felt so at ease with Him as He might put a hand on their head and bless them. Ugh, this is the gentleness I strive to bear fruit in my life, to have that gentleness yet authority with kindness.

This is gentle Jesus. 

He says
 "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,"-Matthew 11:28

Then Jesus says: for I am gentle and humble in heart (v. 28)

Remember the importance of engraving God's word in our hearts, which is why I'll be sharing the following verses with you, to memorize, and apply them to your lives. 

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."-Proverbs 15:1

I think as a daughter, as an employer, as a friend, as a girlfriend, as a classmate … I have to discern the spirit of which I'm speaking. Is this coming out of anger? Am I speaking out of pride? I tell you what; we are so good at fooling ourselves. Sometimes we will speak out of our insecurities, and we will just mask it by finding a million ways to justify what we had just said. Our mind does wonderful things when it comes to protecting us. But it does not mean that those things are from God. I have found that when you are operating in the true spirit of Jesus, it is gentle. It is always gentle. It is always with kindness, love, patience.  How can I say that? Look at the voice of the Holy Spirit in I King 19:12:
"After the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire, and after the fire a sound of a gentle whisper."

What kind of voice does God speak into you? He doesn't yell, does He? God doesn't yell at us. You have to learn to hear that voice. He speaks in a gentle whisper. Why does He speak in a gentle whisper? Because when you speak quietly, the person you are speaking to will have to get in proximity to you to hear it. I have found this working wonders with children. The minute they start yelling I will whisper, and they come closer to you so they can hear you.  What I love is that it also calms them down. That is why God speaks in a gentle whisper. It is not about hearing what He has to say, and He just wants to get you real close to Him. And then it's almost like He tricked you, and He says now that you are here, I just want to give you a hug. That is our heavenly Father. He speaks in a gentle voice. Take time to shut down all your devices. How can we hear His voice with all the noise in the background? Shut down the music and experience the power of silence.

"Always be gentle towards everyone." -Titus 3:2

Show more love. Show more kindness. Show more patience. We do not work in the spirit of this world. We work in the Spirit of the upside kingdom. We need to work when needed in an opposite spirit, a spirit that is kind and humble and gentle and patient. 

What differentiates Christians from the world is the fruit of Spirit. Because we are to operate in the Spirit of Jesus and this produces fruit. When we decide to be gentle instead of harsh we are reflecting a dimension of Jesus' personality and it goes the same with the other fruit of the Spirit.

Can I just say that He is a gentleman? What I mean by that is this. He is not going to break down the door. Revelation 3:20: I stand at the door and knock. But you have to answer the door because He is a gentleman.

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