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Welcome to Belovedgems, a blog about building a bridge between faith and mental health. The author rooted in her faith , her old-soul leads her into adventures to seek spreading hope into the world through a couple of written words.

The Blog

What will you find here?

My desire is for God to glorify Himself through my refining experiences and for them to become a blessing in your life.

You will find a couple lifestyle posts focusing on mental health, healthy living, positive coping skills, some fun stuff I experience in life, and little bit on what I read.  

You will also find faith based posts that are rooted on the word of God. These posts are to help us grow and continue living an authentic life in Christ.  I share many of my personal struggles as a Christian along with the joy.

The blog is an open platform for others to share their stories.  You will also find real stories from real people like you and me.

If you aren't currently walking with God, I hope you get to know Him through this blog. 

“So that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire…” 1 Peter 1:7


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